Weddings are the public expression of the love and commitment that unites two people. Most of us choose to have a wedding after a long relationship, so the ceremony itself is but a celebration of those elements that brought us together and saw us through the challenges of life.

Because gay and lesbian weddings are not bound by traditional formalities, we are free to create a unique ceremony reflective of our individual values, beliefs, and idiosyncrasies. Circle of Pride endeavors to integrate all these elements in co-creating with you a ceremony that is meaningful and that will be memorable for years to come.

A wedding is also a special event that frames the future of your relationship by expressing it as a commitment in the presence of your friends and family. Beyond the beautiful clothes, flowers, and food, what is most important is what is said, felt and pledged. It is these pieces that become the foundation of your union and that will be remembered over the years.

Pre-marital counseling is available for interested couples.


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