Raymond Rodriguez was ordained is an Interfaith Minister at the New Seminary in New York in the year 2000. His ministry has included wedding ceremonies and other life rituals, and the training of other Interfaith Ministers through the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. At the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary he held a position of Dean of Students. Raymond is also a Licensed Social Worker who graduated from Columbia University’s School of Social Work. As a social worker he has held positions as therapist and advocate for individuals, families, couples, and children. Most recently he became a counselor and faculty member with the City University of New York.

Raymond has devoted his professional career and ministry to working with people whose ethnic, socioeconomic, and spiritual backgrounds are diverse. A native of Puerto Rico, Raymond is fluent in both English and Spanish. Raymond conceived Circle of pride as a way of sharing his skills and passion with the GLBT community. A guiding philosophy in his work and personal life is “never instead of, always in addition to”.

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